Contract Packaging Program

AMELIO C. ENTERPRISES, INC. ® processing facility is approved by the United States Food & Drug Administration and Arizona Maricopa County Health Department. We are highly rated for our plant cleanliness, warehouse safety, manufacturing procedures, maintenance standards and consistent product values. Our innovative & high caliber processing procedures and skilled quality control, positions AMELIO C. ENTERPRISES, INC. ® prominently in the specialty food and manufacturing industry. AMELIO C. ENTERPRISES, INC. ® partners with a processing authority for processing safety standards unsurpassed by other processing companies. Since 1991, AMELIO C. ENTERPRISES, INC. ® has been a member of the National Association for the Specialty Food Trade, INC. This is a business trade organization that fosters trade, commerce and interest in the specialty food industry.

Co-packing Manufacturer 
As early as 1999, AMELIO C. ENTERPRISES, INC. ® evolved into product research, development & manufacturing for other small to mid-size companies. Today, AMELIO C. ENTERPRISES, INC. ® works with many companies that currently have products in the market or are in different stages of product development for the market placement.

Product Research & Development:
AMELIO C. ENTERPRISES, INC. ® offers experienced cooks to enhance, develop and/or engineer products based on quality, market pricing and market niche.

Product Price Control:
Our volume discount purchasing price is extended to our co-packing customer so that ingredient costs are at the lowest possible price without jeopardizing product quality. AMELIO C. ENTERPRISES, INC. ‘s high volume packaging prices pass through to our co-packing customers offering an overall cost containment package.



Production Capacity: Less Than Pallet | Full Pallet | Truck Load

Heat Packed: Pasta Sauces | Barbecue Sauces | Hot Sauces | Marinades | Salad Dressings | Ketchups | Mustards | Jellies & Jams | Condiments | Salsas | Syrups | Bloody Mary/Drink Mixes

Dry Spice Blends:
Dip Mixes | Drink Mixes | Meat Rubs | Marinades | Sauces | Salad Seasonings

Certifications: HACCP |  


Co-packing Basic Procedures
Amelio C. Enterprises, Inc. has developed a simple and thorough procedure for co-packing, product development and private label. This process usually takes four to six weeks.

Step One: Confidentiality Agreement | Analysis of recipe | Packaging Decisions | Container, labels (note: 2 part label has additional application charges.) and heat seal | Estimated cost per unit

Step Two: Start up fee per product includes:  Standardization of recipe to our application Material/Ingredient Location | One test run using necessary equipment | Limited samples of finished product

Step Three: Product revision requires: Product Development @ per hour rate plus ingredients | Includes: Experienced Staff | Equipment operation | Consultation | Limited samples of finished product

Step Four: Lab testing (nutritional analysis, shelf life, etc.)  | Any charges will be determined by lab.

Step Five: Price quote available of cost per unit upon product approval. | Quote expires eight weeks after date of quote, provided no changes are made.

Step Six: Terms and Conditions: 50% of invoice prepaid before processing begins. | Remaining balance of invoice will be due after production at pick up.

Step Seven: Product can be picked up or FOB Phoenix, AZ. | Maximum holding time for finished product is four business days.